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NEBENS was founded in 2009 by its then principal, Nick Buris.  The charter of the company is to research Smart Antenna concepts and develop design solutions for various advanced wireless applications.  The technical expertise of NEBENS staff includes all areas of electromagnetics, RF circuits, microwave and antenna design, RF propagation measurements and modeling, design automation, system design, Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility, system coexistence, Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSA) and spectrum management.  A particular strength of NEBENS is the capability to look at large problems with enough detail of their constituent pieces so as to perform multidisciplinary optimization and cross-layer design.  NEBENS maintains good working relations with a number of international experts who are ready to offer guidance and contribute technically so that NEBENS satisfactorily addresses the challenging research and development projects of its customers.

The lessons learned from the projects pursued over the years have now, finally, been consolidated into a comprehensive software tool, MIMObit.  MIMObit is based on an electromagnetics exact formulation of the wireless link problem between radios employing arbitrary Multiple Input Multiple Output antenna systems and it is written and architected under the philosophy that the same techniques which make MIMO systems superior to traditional ones can and should be used for the ultimate design of system coexistence, Interference mitigation and Dynamic Spectrum Access algorithms to improve Spectrum Utilization Efficiency.

Design and Modeling Philosophy at NEBENS