NEBENS Design Services    

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NEBENS offers design services and works with customers on a contract basis.  An initial meeting is held to discuss the
customer's problem and the goals of the contract.  A project proposal is then created by NEBENS and submitted to the
customer.  Upon agreement on the proposal, its goals, timeframe and pricing, NEBENS undertakes the project through
a contract.   We are experts in the approach of coupling the propagation environment with Multiple Input Multiple Output
(MIMO) antenna systems and, as a strategy, partial to undertaking projects in this area.  Typical design services include:

  • Antenna design for wireless products
    • Single antenna systems (multiband, tunable, etc. designs)
    • MIMO antenna systems (antenna architectures, design and algorithms)

  • RF planning
    • System Analysis (Frequency Reuse, SINR and Throughput Analysis)
    • Ray Tracing
    • Antenna design for specific propagation environments

  • Cognitive Radio, Interference Mitigation and Dynamic Spectrum Access


Silicon Engines
 Fortress Technologies
  TSM Antennas

Wireless Research

NEBENS is pursuing research and seeking research collaboration opportunities in the space of Smart Antenna Systems. 
Of particular interest are topics on new calibration and channel estimation schemes. 
If interested in such collaboration opportunities, please contact us directly.

Educational Services              (Visit the Educational Materials Corner)

NEBENS offers short courses on the following topics:
  • antennas and propagation for wireless systems
    • the Stratton-Chu solution of Maxwell's Equations
    • fundamentals of Single Input Single Output (SISO) antenna systems
    • new derivations of some key formulas (gain, aperture efficiency, etc.)
    • propagation environment and multipath
    • MIMO antenna systems and transfer functions
    • system capacity

  • electromagnetic modeling for rf circuits and antennas
    • the electromagnetics of guided waves and transmission lines
    • the transition from fields to circuit voltages and currents
    • circuit models of microwave devices
    • matrix representation (S-parameters, Z-, Y-matrices, etc.)
    • impedance renormalization and "what-not-to-do"
    • antenna modeling
    • source and lumped element models
    • antenna coupling and MIMO antennas

Testing Facilities   here are some pictures

NEBENS has partnered with Elite and other small businesses in the Chicago area and has open access to the following testing facility:
  • full 3-D scanning capability in an anechoic chamber (400MHz - 6GHz)
    • 3-dimensional active antenna patterns for multiple antenna systems
    • S-parameter measurements of devices and multiple antennas
    • Spectrum analysis